Open Hand Blocks

NOTES for Open Hand Blocks 1

First sequence
1. R. upper-cut to face
2. L. straight punch to solar plexus
3. R. slap to left side of head
4. L. grab to right ear
5. R. inside hammer fist to ribs
6. L. vertical ridge hand to groin
7. R. palm strike to ribs
8. L. upper cut to solar plexus
9. R. Straight punch to solar plexus
Second sequence: Repeat 1-9 with left and right reversed.
First sequence: left hand
1. High block (palm forward)
2. Palm block down
3. Back hand right ear
4. Palm block left ear
5. Crane block (wrist block) right ribs
6. Sweeping groin block (knife hand)
7. Sweeping rib block (ridge hand)
8. Trap and drag right
9. Middle block
Second sequence: right hand repeat 1-9

Theme for August:

Positive Self-Discipline

Masters/Leadership Club Theme for August:


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no first attack in karateThe precept above reads, “There is no first attack in karate.” It means that karate is a defensive art. In 1922, Gichin Funakoshi carried this saying with him from Okinawa to Japan to teach karate. As karate made its way across the Pacific Ocean to Topeka, this maxim has been preserved.
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