Extreme Thousand-Kick Plus Workout

This is the advanced thousand-kick workout which includes single kicks, double kicks, and triple kicks.

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Phase 1: Single Kicks
Drill Repetitions Total Kicks
(both legs)
Front Kick 15 30
Side Kick 15 30
Hook Kick 15 30
Front-leg Roundhouse 15 30
Back-leg Roundhouse 15 30
Reverse Kick 15 30
Phase 2: Double Kicks
Drill Repetitions
(2-kicks per rep)
Total Kicks
(both legs)
Side Kick/Roundhouse 15 60
Front-leg Round/Side Kick 15 60
Hook/Round 15 60
Front Kick/Roundhouse 15 60
Round/Round (hi/lo or lo/hi, etc.) 15 60
Stationary Roundhouse Kick
With Partner or Bag or Wall 50 per leg 100
Without Partner 50 per leg 100
Phase 3: Triple Kicks
Drill Repetitions Total Kicks
(both legs)
3-Roundhouse 15 90
3-Side, Round, Side 15 90
3-Round, Side, Round 15 90
3-Hook, Round, Side 15 90
Roundhouse without a partner 50 per leg 100

Remember: Repetition is the mother of skill.


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