This section of the site is a reference for all members who wish to review certain exercises at home. This section is very valuable since everyone forgets parts of an exercise after it is reviewed in class. These exercises are typically performed at slower speeds and are for instructional purposes only. Your particular style and pace of each exercise will come with individual practice.

If you keep a paper notebook, you can select any notes and print them.

Most of our training videos have no audio.


Punching Exercise (Tsuki-no-gata)
Chopping Exercise (Shutō-no-gata)
Blocking Exercise (Uke-no-gata)
Wrist Exercise (Tan-len-kumite)
Elbow Exercise (Hiji-waza)
Diaphragmatic Breathing
Basic Kicks
Open-Hand Blocks
Open-Hand Blocks 2


Fukyugata I-II
Pinan I
Pinan II
Pinan III
Pinan IV
Pinan V
Naihanchi I
Naihanchi II
Naihanchi III


Bo Ichi (Bo 1)
Kumi-Bo I
Kumi-Bo II
Bunkai Bo
Nunchaku Basic
Tonfa Basic
Jo Ichi
Bokken 木剣
Bokken Kata


Shinden-ryu Tricks 1 through 7
Shinden-ryu Tricks 8 through 10
Matsubayashi Tricks


Offensive Angular Attacks
In-Class Sparring
Easy Thousand-Kick Workout
Extreme Thousand-Kick Plus Workout


Guided Meditations


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no first attack in karateThe precept above reads, “There is no first attack in karate.” It means that karate is a defensive art. In 1922, Gichin Funakoshi carried this saying with him from Okinawa to Japan to teach karate. As karate made its way across the Pacific Ocean to Topeka, this maxim has been preserved.
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