Black Belt Club

Positive Self-Awareness
Positive Self-Esteem
Positive Self-Control
Positive Self-Motivation
Positive Self-Expectancy
Positive Self-Image
Positive Self-Direction
Positive Self-Discipline
Positive Self-Dimension
Positive Self-Projection

The Black Belt Club/Leadership Program is a special membership designed to give the ultimate martial arts training experience to students selected for the membership. This is an inner circle of the Midwest Martial Arts school composed of students who have established the goal of Jr. Black Belt or Black Belt or the Leadership Program (2nd or 3rd degree). Members of this prestigious program receive an extra class each month, extracurricular events, a club patch and discount on supplies and school-sponsored events.

The only way students can qualify for the Jr.B.B.C/B.B.C. or Leadership Program is by recommendation from the head instructor. The recommendation is based on effort, attitude, character and willingness to make the utmost effort to follow the tenets of the Martial Arts Student Creed and Midwest Martial Arts School regulations. Candidates need about four to six months experience in the Midwest Martial Arts classes. A candidate must also have a good attendance record, consistently good academic grades, a positive attitude in class, at home and toward others. In addition to this, the candidate must present good reports on conduct and attitude from parents and all teachers at school. The candidate must be willing to set new and definitive goals in the study of the martial arts.


Overall, the objective of the Jr.B.B.C/B.B.C. or Leadership Program is to help members attain their personal best. As much as martial artists emphasize skill and technique, we also strive to develop our personal skills in order to grow in a well-rounded fashion.

The Jr.B.B.C/B.B.C. or Leadership Programs endeavor to cultivate several personal qualities that will surely enhance your ability to cope with life’s challenges.


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Moore's Martial Arts Academy
is now located at
4039 SW 10th Ave
Topeka, Kansas
This is in the
Fleming Place Shopping Center
next to Paisano's Ristorante.
Theme for September:

Positive Self-Dimension

Masters/Leadership Club Theme for September:


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no first attack in karateThe precept above reads, “There is no first attack in karate.” It means that karate is a defensive art. In 1922, Gichin Funakoshi carried this saying with him from Okinawa to Japan to teach karate. As karate made its way across the Pacific Ocean to Topeka, this maxim has been preserved.
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